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Your role is immensely valuable. We want to inspire you: to play, to teach, to work hard, to be present. We want to call the dad out of you. We don't want to define your greatness, we want to inspire the greatness within you. Your kids need you. And kids without dads need you too!

World's Best Dad will give 25% of our profits to finding, training and matching a mentor to a child that is fatherless.



They are calling this the fatherless generation. They also say that mentoring is the forgotten cause. Over 25,000,000 youth in the US are growing up without a dad. Statistics show that kids without dad's are more likely to drop out of school, join gangs, become teen parents, try drugs and the list goes on. 

Matching a child-at-risk with a mentor can change all this! It can give that child a new outcome!



Every $25 donated from your purchases locates, trains and matches a mentor to a child who is waiting for someone to come alongside them. We do this via donations made to  The Mentoring Project.

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Why World's Best Dad

My wife told me I needed a hobby. So I've combined my love for all things outdated, my passion for mentoring and my new favorite season- fatherhood and am calling it World's Best Dad. The vision is to encourage dads. Not in being perfect but in being present. I also want to shine light on the 25,000,000 kids growing up in the US alone without a dad. So for every item I sell I'm going to give back to help match mentors with at-risk-youth. I'm hoping to do some good, have some fun, and keep it super weird, because I'm super weird :)